Your goals are subjective. Your advice should never be.

We all want different things out of life. Some of us want a beautiful home. Some of us want to put children through college. Some of us want the flashy sports car and to travel to exotic locales. Some of us want all of the above.

And why not?

Even though everyone’s financial objectives are different, the fundamentals needed to achieve them are the same. Everyone requires a disciplined approach, customized objective advice, and a plan if those goals are to be reached. Unfortunately most of the financial planning industry is set up around “wealth management” and not overall planning so that the goal of your work with an “advisor” is simply asset growth. Your investment portfolio grows and you’re happy because you made more money. Your advisor is also happy because he gets paid based on how big your portfolio is. In this model, there is no incentive for financial objectives realized; the only incentive is to grow your portfolio.

Which is all well and good if your motivation is strictly a larger bank account. But what does that portfolio buy you?  Money is only as valuable as the things it affords us.

The security, the luxuries, the lifestyle.

Is portfolio growth ever going to be enough to send your kids to school and to give you a comfortable retirement? Do you even want to retire? Growing your assets without understanding what your financial goals are is a bit like baking a pie without knowing what kind of pie you even like, or how many people would like a slice.

I believe the best model is planning-focused not product-focused. Although we realize that financial products and investments are absolutely necessary to help you achieve your financial goals, a process that starts with products or returns means your goals and objectives and an overall strategy aren’t put at the forefront.

This is why we believe in a separate flat fee for the planning strategy and advice that is separate from any product recommendations. It means everyone gets the time and dedication they deserve and that your needs aren’t neglected to please a bigger fish. It means your financial goals are the number one priority, and the incentive to do well is based on your satisfaction and progress rather than how big your checkbook or portfolio is.

Quite frankly, we aren’t just in the money management business, that’s only a piece of it. We are in the accomplishment business, and we can accomplish more together than we ever can alone.

We work with clients in two ways:

  • Honest Money Talk: Have Nicole speak at your event. We can tailor the subject to your specific event
  •  Coordinate a Book Signing: Have Nicole come for a book signing for “If You Love Your Family, Save Like It”


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